Hello! The info you provide in this handy form will help us try to keep things running smoothly for you and many other talented folks. The mood will be relaxed and there will NOT be a strict schedule. Please check in with someone at the stage when you arrive on July 3rd.

The stage is not your only chance to play – impromptu picking parties and musical musings at the back of the field or in the living room, in the barn or cabin or the top of the hill are encouraged. Come prepared to have musical fun with musicians of all stripes!

The sound system at the stage:

  • a 12 channel sound board
  • speakers on stands
  • two mics/stands/cables..

Bring anything else that you or your group might need!

note:Please refrain from placing information about this event in public tour listings. All are welcome, however Burning Banjos is a private participatory event held on private property. We encourage you to invite friends and family, bring a picnic, bug spray, and some fireworks for the tower if you have 'em!