What time?

  • Saturday, July 3rd 2010
    10am – after dark

Food & Other Essentials:

  • Bring everything that you need: a picnic and food to share, lawn chairs, a blanket, and cooler filled with plenty to keep you and your friends hydrated!
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • The creek is nice and refreshing and ready for splashing, swimming, and walking. It can be slippery – water shoes are helpful!
  • We will have a small bon-fire and we may have a grill??
  • Feel free to bring a tent and stay the night
  • Outhouse provided! : )
  • There will be a first aid station for minor cuts and scrapes
  • A telephone is available if your cell phone doesn’t work
  • Smokey the Turkey says “Don’t Set The Woods On Fire”!
  • Please take everything you came with back with you and help clean up after it is all over.
  • Note: The only thing you shouldn’t bring are dogs. We have two dogs and one of them doesn’t always play nice with other dogs.

60’ Fireworks Tower:

  • Bring fireworks to attach to the tower: lightweight fountains, spinners and non-projectiles are preferred
  • Come anytime (earlier the better) to help assemble the sections, add fireworks, fuse and erect the tower
  • We’ll have supplies, but it would help if you have some wire, a roll of masking tape, scissors, wire-cutters or a pocket knife

Music / Performance:

  • It wouldn’t be Burning Banjos without music! Bring your favorite musical instrument(s) for impromptu picking parties and musical musings with musicians of all stripes!
  • Talent will take the stage throughout the day. All kinds of performers – singer-songwriters, bands, electronic, dance, spoken word and storytelling – you name it! If you or a friend are interested, please take a second to add your name/group to the informal stage list:
  • Please refrain from placing information about this event in public tour listings. All are welcome, however Burning Banjos is a private participatory event held on private property. We encourage you to invite friends and family who will participate and DO STUFF with us!


  • General creative participation and activity is required by all who come to Burning Banjos. Bring your own ideas for artistic expression or be prepared to participate in one of many activities on site.
  • Bring demos of your craft or skill. For example, in the past we’ve had karate demos, bamboo craft-making, gardening demos, etc. Note: this is not a profit-making event. Donate your time and skills to show/tell/teach others about your art.
  • If you’re not sure what to bring or contribute, come ready to make and wear a BBIII souvenir costume! We’ll have some sewing and craft supplies, but we still need your old sheets, cloth scraps, tulle, buttons, glitter, lace, string, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, cardboard, craft knives, scissors and especially hot glue guns! And face paint.
  • Packing-tape body-casting
  • An inflatable pyramid sculpture
  • There are 100 sandbags and some shovels for damming the creek to make a large swimming hole!

Fireworks Hat Brigade:

  • Come early in the day if you plan to build your own fireworks hat
  • Bring your own fireworks. Fountains, morning glory sparklers, strobes etc. Mortars are not recommended for the hats… the kick-back is not good for your skull and neck! We will provide examples, assistance, some base supplies, plaster gauze, and tools.
  • If you have ‘em, please bring safety glasses and/or a face shield, work gloves, metal flashing, lightweight plywood, chicken wire, and a drill


  • There will be parking ONLY up and down the road. Be careful – this is a small curvy country road with the occasional fast driver. We can’t have cars in the yard because they will take up too much space and/or get hit with fireworks!
  • Carry a flashlight if you will be arriving or leaving after dark.
  • Drivers may enter the yard only to unload equipment.
  • Carpool if you can!

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